Charli graduated from DFMA Makeup Academy with an intense and detailed understanding of TV Film and Theatre Makeup and Hair. Based in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, Charli travels all around the UK delivering a professional and consistent level of work.

Charli has had the pleasure of being an assistant to many well respected and successful makeup artist's in the industry, she also had some of her makeup work published in POND-MAG. TV and Film work is Charli's most rewarding job, as she gets to be creative and learn more from people she looks up to. Bridal work is another passion that Charli works full time doing across the UK, being there for women on their special day. Charli takes a more natural approach to makeup for her brides, as she wants to bring out their natural beauty by using a subtle approach and clever techniques.

Just a few people and places Charli has had the pleasure of working with; Lauren Appleby, Veronica Bentley, Marijana Vasovic, Daragh Mcdonogh, MakeLight Productions, Princess Productions, Royal Albert Hall, National History Museum, Leo Williams, Marcia Morgan.

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